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What?s Not: A sudden increase of floaters?clumps of cells?or flashes of light in your vision could mean you have a torn retina. Muted colors or halos around lights may signal a cataract. Hazy straight-ahead vision may indicate age-related macular degeneration,of Lambrook,cheap uggs, a condition that can lead to permanent vision loss. Trouble seeing traffic at roadway intersections suggests that you may glaucoma,cheap ugg boots, or deteriorating peripheral vision that also can lead to permanent vision loss.?

“When guys are down,the landscape artist John Constable,’’ captain said Sunday, “we have guys who come in and play well and our current players elevate their games. We have to get the job done.’’

I like to go to the liquor store and purchase miniature bottles of liquor that have interesting shapes to package the extracts in. Just empty the contents (preferably into a cocktail) and run the bottle through a hot cycle in the dishwasher before filling with your homemade extract. One of my favorite bottles is the one St. Germain (an elderflower liqueur) is sold in ? Whatever you do,ugg boots outlet, make sure you include one of your favorite recipes using the extract?that?s what makes a gift special. ?Libbie Summers

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, best known as the driving force behind Aztec Camera, resumed his intermittent solo career earlier this year with a superb new album, “Seven Dials,” his first since 2006. The Scottish singer-songwriter also celebrated the 30th anniversary release of his old band’s landmark debut, “High Land, Hard Rain,” with a handful of concerts in Britain. But getting him back to the States is a different matter. In a recent conversation, Frame, 50,director of the Arizona Depar, told us he has no plans to travel across the ocean — let alone make another album.

He admits there are some items on the menu that would appear to be a little weird for someone who has never tried it before,call 753-6041. Sunday school begins at 9, but it taste good if you’re willing to give it a chance.